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‘The Carer Resource Portal contains key information you will need throughout your carer journey. You can download necessary documents, policies and training resources.

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Zane Roa  | Manager

Hello, my name is Zane, and I am the manager of the Out of Home Care team. I’ve been in this role for almost a year and am finding working in this space both rewarding and stimulating. I am married without children, and have a Labrador Jaxon, and a cat TK, both of which bring much needed sense of simplicity in my life.

I love working with families and have a strong background in social work having worked in this space for over a decade. I am looking forward to growing with the team we have and providing exceptional service to our children in care. To relax, I enjoy baking, walking my dog, swimming, and playing video games.

Alex Mizzen | Youth Worker

As Alex completes her studies to become a clinical psychologist, she revels in the opportunity afforded to her in her current role as a youth worker to be able to combine her knowledge and life experience working with young people. Nothing brings her more joy than watching young people grow, overcome obstacles, and move on to be fulfilled young adults in the world.

Janel Madu | Case Worker

Hi, my name is Janel Madu and I have been working at Out of Home Care since 2020 and enjoy working with carers and children. People who are involved in the child’s life all want what’s best for the child, and we can achieve this by working together. I like drawing/painting and being creative. I went skydiving this year. It was so much fun and scary! I would do it again!

Lauren Perry – Senior Case Worker (Acting)

Hi, I’m Lauren and I am a Case Worker as well as the Event Coordinator at Out of Home Care. I have been part of the Out of Home Care team just short of a year now and it has been a pleasure getting to work with our carers and fantastic children. Outside of the office I enjoy spending time with my wife and family, taking my dog for walks, and teaching at my dance club.

Ashleigh Serrano | Intake Officer

Hi, I am Ashleigh the Intake officer for Inala Community House, Out of Home Care. I coordinate with placement services and other agencies to place children in a loving home with our foster families for primary or respite care.

In my down time I am a very social person, enjoying many sporting activities including being a proud representative of the first Latin-American female soccer Brisbane. I love being active and spending time with family, friends hold my culture close to my heart.

Tamara | Case Worker

Hi, my name is Tamara but I prefer to be called Tammy. I am a caseworker for Inala Community House Out of Home Care. I have a caseload consisting of General and Kinship families including both primary and short-break placements. I have worked in the industry for the past two years and am passionate about helping young people involved in the child protection system to achieve great life outcomes as well as supporting foster carers to facilitate this. The role I play in a carers journey is something I find very rewarding and fulfilling as a young parent myself. In my personal life I spend most of my time with my almost 2 year old daughter, my fiancée and our dog. I enjoy socialising, music and good food, the beach and binge watching my fav Netflix series.

James Blackburn | Case Worker

James started with ICH as a youth worker in February 2023 and moved into the role of a case worker in July, 5 months later. James has a passion for educating and supporting carers and the children in their care. James has experience in the education and healthcare systems and in his spare time enjoys art, creativity, horticulture and has a particular interest in trauma, neurodivergence and health sciences.

Britt Quince | Case Worker

Hi, my name is Britt, I have worked with children for the past 20 years offering education and care. In my new role as a caseworker, I’m working alongside carers to offer support for positive outcomes to families.

Jessica TeAo | Youth Worker

Hi, I’m Jessica, but preferred to be called Jess and I’m a Youth Worker at ICH. I’m very passionate about working with young people and helping them build new skills and also overcome any obstacles they may face!