A trauma-informed, reflective parenting program for parents and carers whose children have been impacted by domestic and family violence.

About the program

Through education and healing parenting approaches, we aim to stop the intergenerational cycle of Domestic and Family Violence.

CROSSROADS highlights the harmful impact of Domestic and Family Violence on children and young people. It seeks to offer trauma informed information and strategies for Parents and Carers. They develop their knowledge and skills in responding in positive and nurturing ways to meet the needs of their children, so that the cycle of Domestic and Family Violence is ended.

CROSSROADS is designed for practitioners working with Parents and/or Carers whose children have experienced Domestic and Family Violence. Over 2 of half-days, you will be provided with the evidenced-based tools and resources to deliver the CROSSROADS 6-module workshop style program to Parents/Carers.

CROSSROADS can be delivered by trained practitioners in a home setting or at a support service, either one-on-one or in a group setting.

CROSSROADS was developed in collaboration between Inala Community House and Red Rose Foundation and funded by the Queensland Government.


Through education and healing parenting approaches, we aim to stop the intergenerational cycle of Domestic and Family Violence.

Acknowleged by other organisations


Crossroads has been utilised by professionals across various established organisations. Those who participated were empowered by the insights and knowledge of the program.

  • Chris De La Fuente
  • Caitlin Freiberg
  • Caitlin Freiberg
  • Mark Cotterill
  • Taryn Clothier
  • Ben Pritchard
  • Samantha Hughes
  • Sarah Matangi
  • Kelly Botwright
  • Eva Smith

Townsville Bobbie Robertson

  • Tranei Masso
  • Patricia Morgan
  • Sally Gillam
  • Cherie Collison
  • Mareena Amen
  • Kelly Botwright
  • Lisa Page
  • Nerida Andersen
  • Christine Carvolth

Emma Small

  • Belinda Baynes
  • Judy Jordan
  • Karen Simpson
  • Samantha Laver
  • Danielle Tillman
  • Rebecca Gadsby
  • Tanya Andersen
  • Kristy Edwards
  • Liana Busoli

Pavan Kohlon

  • Anjali Manimagalam
  • Marian Black
  • Isabella Cau
  • Janel Madu
  • Sarah Kerr
  • Kathy McLeod
  • Rebeca Muldoon
  • Natalie Downes
  • Mary Joyce
  • Brooklyn Lapham
  • Laura Fodder
  • Ruby Riguet
  • Zane Roa
  • Varuni Findlay
  • Britt Quince
  • Will Kerkhof
  • Hannah Smith
  • Terri Hill

Marnie Davis

Zoe DeSouza

Rachel Buckland

Feedback from past participants

“I like the resources and how they can be tailored… to (the clients) learning style and what they need.”

“I really like the balance. It’s real and applicable. It’s a heavy topic but it has a lovely balance.”

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