‘My Place’ Family Day Care: Early Childhood Educators Day Playgroup

Early Childhood Educators Day recognises and celebrates the work of Australia’s educators in family day care, early learning centres (long day care centre-based), kindergarten or preschool services, occasional care and Outside School Hours Care (OSHC), for their wonderful contribution to the wellbeing and healthy development of the young children in their care.

The Day provides an opportunity to say thank you to Australia’s early childhood educators on a very personal level by service operators, families and their children, as well as collectively at the national level.

You can find out more: www.earlychildhoodeducatorsday.org.au

On Wednesday 5th September 2018, ‘My Place’ Family Day Care celebrated the annual Early Childhood Educators Day with our valued Educators and children.

From 9-11am, the celebration was held at the playground of Inala Community House ‘Our Place’ Hall (corner of Japonica and Robinia Streets, Inala QLD 4077).

We were pleased to see a great turnout of Educators and children joining us on this special day.

All our Coordinators also made a special appearance at the event to say a big thank you to our Educators in person.

For the day, our Coordination Unit had set up an Educators-only relaxation room to welcome all Educators to freely come in, have a chat and enjoy quality quiet time – while our Coordinators helped look after the children. We also prepared coffee, tea, various desserts and a thank you note dedicated to all our amazing Educators.

Every ‘My Place’ Educator got to receive a beautiful rose and a personal thank you note. It was heart-warming to watch all their faces lit up!

Our Coordination Unit also prepared a big cake for the occasion. Everyone was happy mingling and enjoying a delicious slice of the butter cake.

Do we know what day is today? It’s Early Childhood Educators Day today!

Today is a special day where we all celebrate the hard work our Educators do every day. Educators are people who look after us when mummy and daddy go off to work.

Let us say together in a big voice ‘thank you for looking after me!’ and now – go give a big hug to your Educator!

Thank you to our Educational Leader Britt Quince for leading the children in acknowledging the day.

Meet one of our Educators – Jecille Revillas with all the children in her care.

I think it’s important to celebrate Early Childhood Educators Day to acknowledge how great all Educators are! My favourite part of being an Educator is I get to play every day. I am happy.

My care placements are always full which keep me really busy, especially with multiple babies sometimes. It can be a challenge occasionally, but everything will be OK and I am happy with my job. Currently the child in my care for the longest time is two and a half years, and I often receive requests to care for siblings together.

By being with the children every day, I have learned to become very intuitive to every child’s needs,” shared Jecille.

We admire Jecille’s passion when discussing her daily life as an Educator, as well as her friendly, bubbly and easy-going attitude.

Educator Pat Davidson, Coordinator Guang and Educator Jecille Revillas

Today marks another great celebration for our Educators. It is great to catch up with all our Educators, discuss daily care processes and most importantly, take the time out to express our utmost gratitude for their hard work all year long. Well done to all,” said our ‘My Place’ Family Day Care Team Leader Barbara Stonehouse.

To become an Educator or enrol your child at ‘My Place’ Family Day Care, simply contact us 3372 1711 | FDCadmin@ich.org.au | www.MyPlaceFDC.org.au today!