‘My Place’ Family Day Care: Back to School with COVID Coping Tips

Today, Monday 27th January 2021, marks the first day back to school for all Queensland students!

Back-to-school jitters mixed with keen COVID safety awareness could be a lot to deal with for families. Here are some helpful tips for parents and carers to navigate these tricky times:

  • Recognise and pay extra care towards your child’s emotions and needs
  • Stay calm and positive during discussions especially relating to COVID
  • Educate your child about COVID safety tips such as hand-washing and social-distancing
  • Establish a positive back-to-school routine
  • Communicate with your child about his/her concerns, thoughts, fears or experiences in school daily, with plenty of family time

If you feel that your child needs extra support at school, get in touch with your school to find out how to contact your Guidance Officer or other support staff.

Resource: Department of Education