Healthy Lunchbox Week (7-13 Feb)

Happy Healthy Lunchbox Week (7-13 Feb 2021)!

Healthy Lunchbox Week is an initiative of Nutrition Australia that aims to inspire Australian families to create healthy and enjoyable lunchboxes.

Top three lunchbox tips for 2021:

1. Smart swaps
Make the switch from highly processed foods to healthier alternatives. It can be as simple as swapping white bread for wholegrain, chips for popcorn or fruit straps for a carrot. With a bit of planning and simple preparation, buying less processed foods can actually save you money and reduce packaging.

2. Fuel their day
Around a third of children’s daily food intake is consumed at school. Kids who eat well are better fuelled to listen, learn and play. Including food from each of the five food groups will help children meet their nutritional needs and support their long-term health.

3. Safe and simple
No-one wants to eat a hot salad sandwich or a soggy, bruised banana. Keeping food safe and fresh between home and the school playground can have its challenges, especially during a hot Aussie summer. Be sure to keep lunchboxes cool using insulated bags and cool packs. Remember to keep it simple with a healthy snack, a piece of fruit or vegetable and an easy lunch dish. Even leftovers can be a hit.

You can visit The Healthy Lunchbox Week  website for great lunchbox tips, videos and recipes.