Meet Our Team: Tamara, ‘My Place’ Family Day Care Coordinator

In this new year, besides Coordinator Lia, we have also welcomed another new Coordinator Tamara Duggan.

Fun fact: Tamara used to be an Educator with us! She has since traded in playdoh-playing with little ones to assisting our team of Educators in day-to-day operations.

Hi Tamara! Welcome to our ‘My Place’ coordination team. You previously worked as a family day care Educator with us – for how long? How was that journey like?

Hi, I worked as an Educator for 10 years – when my first child was born.

I loved my role as a family day care “mumma” and my experience was made even more of a pleasure with ‘My Place’ support and guidance, hence my applying for the role of Coordinator with ‘My Place’.

How did you first find out about ‘My Place’ Family Day Care?

I was referred to ‘My Place’ through a past long day care colleague and personal friend.

What made you switch to becoming a Coordinator with us? What attracted you to this job?

I had reached a point in my career as an Educator, in which I felt I needed a change. Although I still have a love for caring for children, I wanted to further my passion into the family day care Coordinator role and provide the support and care for other Educators and the children in their care. I have a very high regard for the family day care sector and what it provides for children and families in regards to care and early learning experiences.

How has it been so far? What are your hopes for this new role?

I have so far felt very comfortable within my new work environment – both physical and interpersonal with my new colleagues.

I hope to learn as much as I can from these lovely ladies and also work out my own way of things along the way.

What do you think is the biggest benefit of family day care? One for Educator, one for the children or families.

By far, the opportunity to provide children and families a “home away from home” step into care. I loved the fact I could provide more 1-1 opportunities for the children in my care to learn and grow, whilst feeling safe and secure.

I also loved, that I could forget the hustle and bustle and take my time and provide children the time to develop as they were ready, learning through their interests and providing challenge and opportunities to extend on these.

For families – they have the beauty of a consistent, home-based, low ratio, warm and nurturing learning environment for their little ones before they step out into the big world. A great, positive way to start that journey for both children and their families.

We welcome you to enrol your child or become a family day care Educator with us at ‘My Place’. For more information, contact our team 3372 1711 | FDCadmin@ich.org.au | www.MyPlaceFDC.org.au