Community Settlement Service: Welcome to Men’s Group

We welcome everyone to join our Men’s Group!

Our CSS service initially identified a group of men from Iraq and Syria who had newly arrived in Australia. Coming from the Syrian conflict, these men were experiencing social isolation, lack of support network, language and cultural barriers. They felt unsettled and required more support especially in managing their recent trauma.

As a result, CSS specifically established a Men’s Group program in order to create social connections, greater informal support networks and a sense of belonging, hope and recovery for these men. Men’s Group also provided opportunities for these men to connect with service providers and receive useful life-skill education as part of settlement knowledge.

Our participants had a swimming time at Men’s Group.

A total of 11 men registered for Men’s Group, with an average of 8 attending our weekly sessions.

During one session, our participants spent half a day with an indigenous elder to learn about the trauma and challenges faced by the first people of Australia. Other sessions included introduction of iconic Brisbane landmarks and history, as well as a trauma-informed yoga session to actively self-heal from past trauma and current stress.

More men should practise yoga – which helps you to build a stronger body and mind!

Our Men’s Group is dedicated to support men for your personal growth and lifelong development.

Overall, Men’s Group had received an overwhelmingly positive feedback. Our participants concluded that the program had helped them to feel more welcomed and accepted in Australia.

They were also appreciative of the many opportunities in learning new places where they can bring their own families in future. Participants were able to practise English and create strong bonds among the group. Every session was fun and informative, which helped especially in managing their traumatic experiences.

We welcome EVERYONE to join our Men’s Group! Besides Men’s Group, we also organise many other fun social activities and events within local community. Join us today: (07) 3372 1711 | info@ich.org.au | http://www.ich.org.au.