Community Engagement Services: NEW Goodna Transitional Housing

UPDATE: Inala Community House transitional housing service is no longer in service. We advise you to look for your local services.

Inala Community House Community Engagement services have been witnessing a noticeable increase in homelessness, especially among our more vulnerable clients.

In fact, homelessness can affect anyone of various backgrounds and circumstances. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, approximately 20,000 people in Queensland experience homelessness – which is 1 in every 200 Queenslanders (https://www.qld.gov.au/housing/emergency-temporary-accommodation/homelessness-prevention/).

As a result, our Community Engagement team has started to offer a NEW transitional housing service – which is a temporary shared accommodation facility in Goodna to help people with housing difficulties.

This facility will serve as a safe, clean and positive space for our clients and families to live temporarily, as we assist them to find more stable long-term accommodation.

This facility has a total of 5 comfortable bedrooms with common cooking and living spaces. We will be able to accommodate either single clients or those with a small family.

This initiative is the result of overwhelmingly high demand from clients experiencing or at risk of homelessness with no eligibility of immediate support from other services. Safe and secure accommodation is a basic human need and unfortunately there is not enough supply for the high demand of housing support services.

Thankfully, Inala Community House board and management have dedicated the Goodna office and allowed our Community Engagement services to use it for this transitional housing project. Homelessness is often the result from a multitude of issues going on in people’s lives. The stress and trauma of homelessness can lead to further problems such as health decline, social isolation and more. Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive space where clients can catch their breaths, gather their thoughts and start addressing the problems that led to their accommodation and financial hardships.

From there we can develop practical support plans that encourage clients to address and overcome obstacles so they may reach their goals. This journey will vary for different people but we want the end results to always be the same – suitable and affordable housing achieved by the client because of the choices they made.

Please note that the accommodation will be offered to those who meet our assessment criteria and are found to have difficulties in securing suitable temporary accommodation due to changes in living circumstances.

If you have any questions or feedback about our Community Engagement’s transitional housing service, please contact us today (07) 3372 1711 info@ich.org.au.