Community Settlement Service: 2016 End-of-Year BBQ Session

Inala Community House’s Community Settlement Service aims to promote self-reliance of our migrant clients and achieve successful long-term settlement in Australian society. Our services commonly include casework, referrals and information sessions covering a wide range of issues.

dsc07081-editThank you all for a wonderful 2016!

As part of Inala Community House’s (ICH) end-of-year festivities, Community Settlement Service (CSS) invited some of our most valued client families to a friendly barbeque session on 23rd December 2016.

Denise Crow from Department of Human Services was an esteemed guest at this event. The event was also attended by ICH Managing Director Ross Paul and ICH Institutional Support Manager Josh Cullen.


Teamwork makes the dream work: thank you to other staff members from ICH Family Services (link: Debbie Jones, Katya Menzies and Jess Liao who supported this CSS event. At ICH, we constantly encourage mutual understanding and support between different services for greater overall growth.

Also pictured here is CSS Senior Coordinator Seble Tadesse and CSS client Maaza Araya.

Originating from Eritea, Maaza Araya is a new client who has discovered our CSS service through positive word-of-mouth recommendation. Our CSS team is now actively assisting Maaza in her ongoing application for Australian Permanent Residency.


One of our many CSS client families: Awel Habo and his family from Ethiopia.

Once again, a big thank you to ICH Institutional Support Manager Josh Cullen who dressed up as Santa Claus and presented gifts for the excited children!

The event was attended by a total of 11 client families, including over 20 children, whom we had worked closely with throughout 2016 for their resettlement in Australia. All these families had arrived under Humanitarian visas – coming from Somalia, Eritea, Ehiopia, Congo to name a few.

Overall, the CSS barbeque session provided a great opportunity for our client families to connect and share their own unique, diverse life experiences. We look forward in serving more migrant families in 2017!

If you or know someone who need help in migrant settlement, please contact us or call (07) 3372 1711 today.