Community Settlement: Free Police Traffic Talks for Migrants

Our Inala Community House Settlement Engagement and Transition Support (SETS) Program recently collaborated with Queensland Police to organise Free Police Traffic Talks to benefit our local migrant community.

We planned a total of four sessions across two consecutive Tuesdays (10th and 17th March 2020) at Inala TAFE, with languages available in Arabic, Somali, Vietnamese, Tigrinya and Swahili.

Our SETS Program Coordinator Anushka had started this initiative due to rising concerns after working with our migrant clients.

Just recently the Queensland Government increased the penalty for illegally using a mobile phone while driving. We see many migrant clients who are not familiar with the Australian road rules, much less the newly introduced ones. Many of them come from countries with very different road rules and cultures – we thought it’s vital to hold these information sessions to raise stronger awareness,” Anushka said.

A giant thank you to Queensland Police officers for conducting the free talks providing useful information about Australian road rules and advice.

We were pleased to see full attendance of our target migrant audience, with many familiar faces who are also clients of Inala Community House. Most of them are Inala TAFE English students.

All sessions were lively and interactive, with pauses in between allowing time for interpreting.

Attendees were welcomed to raise any concerns adjusting to their new life in Australia, such as “what should I do if my house was broken in?”, “what are the ages required to put my children in car seats?” and “what happens if I cannot afford to pay traffic fines?”.

Inala Community House would like to thank Queensland Police and Inala TAFE for this great collaboration helping our community.

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