Community Engagement: Musical Morning Tea Fish ‘n’ Chips

On Monday 9th November 2020, Inala Community House Community Engagement team held our Musical Morning Tea: Fish ‘n’ Chips event for our community.

Due to the pandemic, we have recently scaled down the frequency of our Musical Morning Tea from every Monday to every second Monday of the month. We also encourage everyone to call in advance to book their spot while keeping safe social distancing in mind.

With COVID-19 there is a lot of stress and anxiety especially for seniors. Since the pandemic has started, I have been mostly cooped up at home and only going out for doctor’s appointments. I am really excited to attend today’s Musical Morning Tea and it is just so wonderful to see everyone again,” – our Musical Morning Tea Coordinator Shirley Schneider.

A big thank you to Ray Thompson for providing the lovely live music entertainment while everyone got to sing and dance around. We are happy to see many of our regulars including some friends with disabilities and their carers.

Raffle was on as usual.

Today is coincidentally Happy NAIDOC Week. We hope to restore some sense of normalcy and happiness especially for our seniors and people with disabilities. We are always happy to welcome everyone to join our Monday Musical Morning Tea!” – our Community Engagement Haley Kiata.

Our next Christmas-themed Musical Morning Tea will be held on 14th December 2020 at ‘Our Place’ Hall (corner of Japonica and Robinia Streets, Inala). Book your spot today 3372 1711 | info@ich.org.au