Community Engagement: Musical Morning Tea Big Bash

Inala Community House (ICH) Community Engagement team welcomes back Musical Morning Tea through its Big Bash event held on Monday 12 October 2020.

Social Distancing done well by our team and staff members

Started at 10AM, the Musical Morning Tea Big Bash took place at Our Place Hall located at Cnr Japonica & Robinia Streets, Inala 4077 QLD. With only $5 entry, everyone enjoyed the delicious food and live music entertainment.

“Thank you everybody for coming to today’s Musical Morning Tea Big Bash. I am glad to finally see everyone again and I hope you all are well for the past couple of months. We are delighted to welcome President of Inala Community House, Janet Cullen. I want to thank the Community Engagement team; Haley, Leah and Jackie for preparing the food which will be served at your table later. Thank you also Ray for coming and ready to enchant us with the live music. Have a fabulous time everyone.” said Musical Morning Tea Coordinator, Shirley on her opening speech.

“It’s truly great to see you all and like what Shirley said, I hope everyone here has been doing well. I look forward to come more often to Musical Morning Tea to show support and just be a part of this great atmosphere.” said ICH President, Janet Cullen.

President Janet Cullen on her speech

After the speech, many were ecstatic to dance to the live music performed by Ray Thompson where everyone was transported back to early 2000’s with rendition of “When You Say Nothing At All” and many other classics. Afterwards, all food and drinks were served to participants, followed by dessert which was a cake gifted by Milton Dick MP. What a treat!

Finally, the door prize winners were announced at the conclusion of the event.

“For the time being Musical Morning Tea is held every 2nd Monday of each month, that’s once a month, and hopefully it won’t be too long until can have the event back in full swing and welcome more participants for some good time and yummy food. My team is always ready for that!” said our Community Engagement Manager, Haley.

Come join Inala Community House NEXT Musical Morning Tea on Monday 9 NOV at 10AM, at Our Place Hall (Cnr Japonica & Robinia Streets, Inala 4077). Only limited entries available due to restrictions, so we urge you to make a booking NOW – Call: 3372 1711 or Email: Reception@ich.org.au. Entry fee: $5