Community Engagement: Happy Seniors Week Musical Morning Tea

On Monday 20th August 2018, Inala Community House Musical Morning Tea celebrated 2018 Seniors Week with our valued seniors and all members of our community.

From 10am to 1pm, the free community event was held at ‘Our Place’ Hall (corner Japonica and Robinia Streets, Inala).

Musical Morning Tea Coordinator Shirley Schneider and our Community Engagement Manager Haley Kiata giving their speeches.

Good morning everyone, thank you all for coming today. It’s Seniors Week and we are excited to organise special activities today. Thank you to all new members for joining Musical Morning Tea. Most of all, thank you Inala Community House team especially Haley Kiata, and our wonderful team of volunteers for running Musical Morning Tea every week,” said our Musical Morning Tea Coordinator Shirley Schneider.

Happy Seniors Week everyone! We would like to pay respect to traditional Elders of the past and present – who have taught us so much. We hope everyone will enjoy the food and entertainment specially prepared for you today – we are so impressed by the band! Also, thank you to our amazing team of volunteers,” said our Community Engagement Manager Haley Kiata.

It is always a pleasure to come to Musical Morning Tea that has been going on for 40 years strong. It is a great social fun event that is important for our community’s wellbeing. I still remember coming here when I first started servicing this area, nothing much has changed! Thank you to Shirley the Coordinator and most of all Inala Community House for showing ongoing commitment to our community. Finally thank you for the opportunity to celebrate Seniors Week with everyone here today. We look forward to more great celebrations,” said Forest Lake Councillor Charles Strunk in his welcome speech.

Musical Morning Tea – a place for everyone!

Besides the usual morning tea, everyone got to enjoy free salads, BBQ meals and various desserts.

“Country roads, take me home, to the place I belong..”

The biggest event highlight was having Twilight Shadow Band consisting of senior members who were friends for many years. They kept everyone entertained not just through their lively musical performance, but also their great sense of humour!

Thank you, Twilight Shadow Band, for the lovely live band performance – we can see everyone enjoying themselves by singing and dancing along to the music. We got to know the Band through its main singer Ray Thompson. The Band regularly performs at Durack Inala Bowls Club and Darra Cementco Bowls Club,” said our Musical Morning Tea Coordinator Shirley Schneider.

We welcome everyone to join our Musical Morning Tea every Monday 10am-12pm at ‘Our Place’ Hall (corner Japonica and Robinia streets, Inala, Queensland). Please come enjoy a nice cuppa, entertainment and meet great friends from our local community. Contact us: 3372 1711 | | |