50 & Better Acacia Ridge: 2017 Planning Meeting

Inala Community House’s 50 & Better Healthy Ageing Program: Acacia Ridge is dedicated to seniors aged 50 and over. We offer various social, recreational and educational activities to improve the overall health and wellbeing of senior members within the local community.


On Wednesday 23rd November 2016, Inala Community House’s 50 & Better Healthy Ageing Program (Acacia Ridge) held an official ‘2017 Planning Meeting’ with our senior participants.

The 2017 Planning Meeting was dedicated to reflect on past year’s events and plan for 2017 program activities to better serve all participants’ needs. The Meeting also served as an open, respectful and positive platform for all participants to be able to raise and discuss various issues such as:

  • More Program events such as BBQ sessions and gatherings
  • More day tours to local museums, zoos and more
  • A participants’ gathering once in every three months
  • A newly revised Program newsletter to more effectively communicate latest announcements and events once in every two months
  • More new activities to attract senior male members such as playing pool, darts and indoor bowls
  • Greater local advertising to recruit more Program participants

The Meeting was also open to new ideas, suggestions and feedback for all involved.

“It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to participate in this 2017 Planning Meeting. Thank you to Inala Community House team for always actively communicating with us participants to improve our experiences and quality of life in general,” said Sonia Cardell, an active 50 & Better Healthy Ageing Program (Acacia Ridge) member for 5 years and counting.

“I have recently stepped into this role as 50 & Better Healthy Ageing Program (Acacia Ridge) Coordinator and I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you to all our wonderful members for your active participation and Inala Community House for the support across the years,” said 50 & Better Healthy Ageing Program (Acacia Ridge) Coordinator Larissa Vaiomanu.

Finally, we thank all our participants who invested in their valued time and participation in this 2017 Planning Meeting. We look forward to a bigger and better Program next year!

To join our healthy ageing program, please contact us: info@ich.org.au | (07) 3372 1711. Drop-in anytime between Monday-Thursday 8.30am-2pm at our Acacia Ridge centre (29 Chardean Street, Acacia Ridge Queensland).

Our website: http://www.ich.org.au/service-areas/community-engagement/50-better-acacia-ridge