The Oasis Centre: Q&A with Our New Speech Pathologist

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Meet our new Speech Pathologist, Damia Samra – joining our team of allied health professionals at The Oasis Centre serving our clients of various needs.

Q: Hi Damia! Can you please introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Damia and I am a Speech Pathologist. I have been working as a Speech Pathologist for over five years in both public and private sector. Over more recent years I have developed a passion for working in early intervention, including early speech, early language, fluency, social communication and literacy development.

When I am not working, I am a busy mum of two. Most of my time revolve around them of course, but if I do get a spare moment, I love to be outdoors, enjoying the beautiful Brisbane sunshine.

Q: What are your background, qualification and work experiences?

I graduated with a Dean’s commendation for high achievement from both my Bachelor of Science, in 2009, and my Master’s degree in Speech Therapy Studies, in 2012.  Since completing my Master’s degree, I have spent time working with both adults and children on a wide range of difficulties including language, speech, literacy, motor speech, dysphagia, fluency and voice.

Q: What is speech therapy and who can benefit from it?

Speech therapy is a specialised support, designed to help anyone who wishes to improve their communication or swallowing. This may include adults or children who:

  • find it difficult to make coherent sentences, or stories
  • use the wrong sounds in words, which then makes them hard to understand
  • have difficulties reading and spelling
  • stutter or have apraxia of speech
  • have rough/hoarse sounding voice, or have lost their voice
  • often cough or choke when eating or drinking

Q: How long does a speech therapy usually require? What kind of activities do you undertake during a session?

Speech therapy is different for everyone. This is because everyone has different communication goals. So the amount of time on speech therapy will depend on your speech therapy goals and how many steps you will need to work through to achieve those goals. It is definitely something that can be discussed when commencing therapy, to gain an idea of your journey ahead.

I love to tailor my therapy sessions to be as specific and as motivating as possible. I feel this gives the best opportunity for learning and progressing through therapy. With children in particular, making therapy fun and engaging by utilising a play-based therapy approach always help kids learn.

Q: Can you please share a real-life example of successful speech therapy story?

Just over a year ago I had started working with a four-year-old boy who was using one or two words in a sentence. These few words were also extremely difficult to understand because he would mispronounce the sounds in the words, or in some instances, not pronounce the sounds at all. Now, by the age of four, children should be able to use at least four words in a sentence and their speech would be able to be understood almost all the time. So, this little boy demonstrated significant delays in both his language and his speech skills.

After working with him, two sessions a month, for nine months, we were able to correct his language and speech difficulties. He went on to start Prep this year with the language and speech skills he needed to succeed in developing good reading and spelling skills.

Q: How did you join The Oasis Centre team?

Jatinder, The Practice Manager for The Oasis Centre, approached me with an awesome opportunity to provide speech therapy services children and young adults under a bulk-billing program. This means that those who need access to speech therapy services, who may not otherwise be able to, can do so 100% free through Medicare.

Q: What do you look forward to achieving at The Oasis Centre?

Working at the Oasis centre will hopefully give me the opportunity to continue working in my area of passion, early intervention services, while providing much needed communication support to those who may otherwise not be able to access it due to financial constraints.

Q: I am interested in speech therapy. Is bulk billing available?

Bulk billing is available for Speech Therapy, under the several different plans provided through Medicare. To receive bulk-billing support, you will need a referral/plan from your GP. Your GP will discuss with you your eligibility for these plans and provide you with an appropriate one, should you meet Medicare criteria.

If you or know anyone who can benefit from the help of speech therapy, contact The Oasis Centre 3372 1711 | |