The Oasis Centre: Let’s Talk Speech Therapy

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Want to improve your speech?

Learn how to speak clearer and better with the help of our qualified speech therapist – Lydia Brown. Make your appointment today 3372 1711 | Oasis@ich.org.au!

Say hello to Lydia Brown – our new speech therapist at The Oasis Centre. Lydia has been working as a speech therapist for over seven years in various schools and hospitals. Lydia has moved to Australia from the United States about six months ago. In her free time, she also enjoys singing, playing music, painting and cooking good food.

Q: How can a speech therapist help me?

Speech therapists, also known as speech pathologists, do a lot more than work on talking! They help people of all ages with many different things.

For Children

Some children learn to how to talk later than others. Sometimes this is normal, but other times, children need extra help. Speech therapists help kids understand directions and learn how to speak in whole sentences. They help children speak more clearly and easily, as well as read and write better. They also help kids who have trouble eating and drinking.

For Adults

Sometimes adults lose the ability to speak, eat, and drink because of an accident, a stroke, or another illness. A speech therapist can help you if you have trouble finding the words you want to say, or if your speech is hard to understand. They can also help you if you stutter, or if your voice becomes raspy. If you cough a lot while you’re eating or drinking, you may have a swallowing problem. We can help you eat and drink safely.

If you or know anyone who needs speech therapy (or other counselling support), please contact our friendly team at The Oasis Centre today: 3372 1711 | Oasis@ich.org.au | 38 Sittella St, Inala QLD 4077.