SIDS and Kids Red Nose Day

26th June is SIDS and Kids Red Nose Day which aims to promote awareness of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

“In Australia each year over 3,500 families experience the sudden and unexpected death of a baby or child, either through stillbirth or during the first month of life, from sudden unexpected death in infancy (SIDS or fatal sleeping accidents), SUDC (sudden unexpected death in childhood) or accident.” (Source)

Queensland is also revealed to have one of the highest instances of SIDS among other Australian states. (Source)
Red Nose Day

(Photo source)

Both of ICH Family Day Care services (Brisbane Kids and KITES) have strict childcare safety regulations and practices to minimise the risks of SIDS.
For further information and resources, you can visit the official website (http://www.rednoseday.com.au/) and make a donation too. Merchandise can be purchased online, or from stalls in major shopping centres, Ned’s stores and supermarkets.
So put on a red nose this Friday and encourage more people to join for a worthy cause!