NOW LAUNCHING: Harmony Web for Educators

‘My Place’ Family Day Care is excited to introduce the new Harmony Web (www.harmonykids.com.au) to our Educators!

Harmony Web software is widely used by thousands of Australian education and care services and Educators. It aims to simplify the management of services and the administration of payments and subsidies, especially for our Educators who run your own home-based businesses.

We are incredibly honoured to be chosen as one of the pioneering child care services to offer this new smart innovative feature to our Educators.

You will soon discover that Harmony Web is highly practical, user-friendly and time-saving – to help you in managing all administrative day-to-day operations as an Educator.

Starting 1st September 2016, we will start training and moving ‘My Place’ Educators online to the Educator’s version of Harmony!harmony

Some of the many great Harmony Web software benefits include:

  • Electronically submit timesheets
  • See current CCB% and changes
  • View current parent and child details
  • Complete booking / contract timesheets
  • Use a fee estimator that can factor in a great range of subsidy scenarios, including CCB, CCR and JFA
  • See fee schedules and bookings integrated with your Service– no need to import
  • Take advantage of planning tools including the ability to look at your bookings into the future

For more information, you can visit http://harmonykids.com.au/wp-content/uploads/207572-RBS-Educator-A4.pdf. FAQs for Educators: http://harmonykids.com.au/support/faqs-for-educators/.

‘My Place’ will work closely with Harmony to provide ongoing training and support to our Educators regarding the software.

We will shortly commence training in small groups (details to be confirmed) for you to become more confident and empowered in using Harmony. For existing Harmony users, we will also be in contact to show how you can transition to the new software.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact our Finance and Administration team via phone (07) 3372 1711 or e-mail FDCadmin@ich.org.au today!