‘My Place’ Family Day Care: Join Our Cadbury Fundraiser

‘My Place’ Family Day Care is holding a Cadbury Fundraiser from now until 26th April 2019.

Please support ‘My Place’ Family Day Care as we are a non-profit organisation. Your support will help us raise necessary funds to improve our service facilities such as playgroup areas for our Children and Educators.

Freddo and Friends Box: You can purchase 2 Freddo chocolate bars for $1, or $60 for the entire box.

We welcome everyone to join us for some deliciously great fundraising, including our Coordinators, Educators, Families, Inala Community House services, friends and the wider community.

As a non-profit, our target is to sell 84 boxes to raise necessary funds this time of the year. We thank everyone who is supporting us in this campaign. We look forward to a delicious outcome! Easter is approaching so why not have some Freddo chocolates instead of Easter eggs?” said our ‘My Place’ Family Day Care Senior Coordinator Kathy Angus.

Support Us 3372 1711 | FDCadmin@ich.org.au | www.MyPlaceFDC.org.au | www.Facebook.com/MyPlaceFamilyDayCare | 38 Sittella Street, Inala QLD 4077