‘My Place’ Family Day Care: Coles Little Shop Swap Meet

On Wednesday 12th September 2018, ‘My Place’ Family Day Care organised a special Coles Little Shop Swap Meet inviting all our children, Educators and anyone interested to attend.

Coles Little Shop (www.coleslittleshop.com.au) was a promotional campaign ran by supermarket Coles from 18 July – 11 September 2018. For every $30 spent in a single transaction, you will receive one free Coles Little Shop mini collectable. The campaign had sent many across Australia into a frenzy to collect all 30 mini collectables, including mini toy Tim Tams, Colgate, Mount Franklin Water, Nutella, Weet-Bix, Vegemite, Milo and more.

Due to popular demand, ‘My Place’ Family Day Care had decided to organise a swap meet event for our community to meet, swap and complete their personal collection.

From 9-11am, the swap meet was held at the playground area of Inala Community House ‘Our Place’ Hall (corner of Japonica and Robinia Streets, Inala QLD 4077).

Everyone was welcome to bring a friend and their spare minis, and get swapping!

While the adults were busy trading Coles Little Shop minis, our ‘My Place’ Coordinators helped to keep the children entertained. We had set up various outdoor play toys and sensory activities. Music was on and we even had fun dressing up – we spotted a bride and a few princesses playing pretend.

Thank you ‘My Place’ Family Day Care for initiating this great swap meet event. My family and one of my families in care are fervently collecting all 30 Coles Little Shop minis! I am happy that I got to trade for a few new ones today,” said one of our ‘My Place’ Educators Sue McGrath. Sue also cautioned parents and other Educators to be careful as the miniature toys may pose as choking risks for young children.

For the past month, Coles Little Shop has been an incredibly popular common topic – effectively increasing the engagement between our Coordination Unit, Educators and families. The swap meet reinforces a sense of community closeness and is just a whole lot of fun! We even keep an inventory record and are always happy to help facilitate swapping between all parties. Both adults and children have been enjoying the collecting process,” said our ‘My Place’ Educational Leader Britt Quince.

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