‘My Place’ Family Day Care: Children’s Graduation and Christmas Party

On Wednesday 21st November 2018, ‘My Place’ Family Day Care celebrated our Children’s Graduation and Christmas Party with all our Children, Families, Educators and staff.

The celebration was held at Kruger Baptist Church (2 Henderson Street, Redbank QLD 4301).

Ho-ho-ho, we spotted some adorable Santa’s Little Helpers!

Everyone including the adults was encouraged to come dressed in their best festive clothes.

From 9am, our Coordinators welcomed everyone to sign-in at the door. We were thrilled to see the largest crowd ever as compared to previous years, with approximately 160 Children and 70 Educators and Guardians in attendance.

‘My Place’ Family Day Care Team Leader Barbara Stonehouse and Senior Coordinator Kathy Angus.

Good morning everyone, it is fantastic to see everyone here today. Just a few housekeeping matters to start with. Also, I’d like to introduce all our Coordinators staff today – please don’t hesitate to ask any of us for assistance. A big welcome to all our Children, Educators, Parents and Families. Please enjoy this special day designed for you,” said our Team Leader Barbara Stonehouse.

First we would like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the Land. Our event will start with a Graduation ceremony for all our little ones attending Prep next year. It is important for us to acknowledge one of the first big milestones in a child’s life. We also have many exciting activities today so feel free to move yourselves around and enjoy,” said our Senior Coordinator Kathy Angus.

Thank you to our Senior Coordinator Kathy Angus for handing out the certificates to all our graduating Children. We saw many proud faces of Parents and Educators snapping away!

Con-gradulations to all our little graduates!

Can you hear the bells? It’s Santa!

From 10-11am, everyone was gathered for a special Magic Show featuring a lot of cheerful singing, disco-dancing and of course, various amazing magic tricks. All Children were greatly entertained and many adored the special appearance of a black rabbit named “Harry the Magic Bunny”.

Thank you to Star Parties Entertainment for such a great performance: www.starpartiesentertainment.com.au

Thank you everyone for bringing a plate to share as morning tea.

Our team also organised a big water station to ensure everyone was properly hydrated throughout the day with summer approaching.

It was lovely to see families of all ages and backgrounds joining us for the Christmas Party.

We also had a mini outdoor petting zoo which provided a great educational experience for children to interact with little chicks, piglets and lambs.

Finally, everyone got to visit Santa in Santa’s Room to take photos and receive a special gift from the North Pole (an educational puzzle set).

Our Coordinators Guang and Jodie were excited to meet Santa too.

What a wonderful day enjoyed by all. Our Coordinators were exhausted by the end of the event but it was worth it seeing all the happy smiles of our Children, Educators and Families. Thank you to all the encouraging feedback from many that they thoroughly enjoyed the event,” said our Team Leader Barbara Stonehouse.