Musical Morning Tea: Shirley’s 70th Birthday Celebration

From Left to Right: Milton Dick – Federal MP for Oxley, Shirley Schnieder – MMT, Charles Strunk Counciller – Forest Lake Ward Brisbane City Council, Melanie Wedgwood – Electorate officer, Haley Kiata ICH Community Engagement Manager
On Monday, 24th April 2017 at 10am – 12 noon, the Musical Morning Tea (MMT) came together to celebrate 70th Birthday of their very own coordinator, Shirley Schnieder.

It is no wonder why Shirley is loved and cherished by all that attend MMT. Being the coordinator for over 20 years, her charisma, wit and friendly approach is very endearing to everyone she met and no doubt, one of the reason why people come and join MMT. With the event recurring every Monday at Our Place Hall, she is able to build a tight-knit bond with all members, including the Community Engagement Manager, Haley Kiata. “Shirley makes this world a better place and I feel absolutely privileged to be working with such a kind and caring woman.” Haley said.

Her friendly nature even connects her to several political leaders who attended the celebration and brought various gifts to recognise her dedication to the program. Milton Dick also provided a sponge cake & beautiful flowers, Charles Strunk presented a lovely bouquet and Melanie Wedgwood, who on behalf of Annastacia Palaszczuk, arranged a wonderful bunch of flowers for Shirley.

After the speeches and the presentations, the event was followed by a birthday song, cutting of the cake and entertainment led by Ray Thompson with his lovely music. The birthday celebration was concluded with a free networking lunch for all attendees.

Musical Morning Tea Program: Whether you’re a teenager, young parents with bub looking for some activities, early retirees or anyone looking to meet new friends, we welcome everyone from all walks of life to join our event!

Morning Coffee and Tea with Biscuits are always available for everyone to enjoy with only $3 entry. MMT also includes live music and various entertainment performed by our members.

“We’re hoping the Musical Morning Tea will keep on expanding with more members joining us. I’m looking to see more young bloods popping in and everyone from different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities to come, meeting everyone and just have fun,” Said Shirley.

We look forward to seeing you at the coming Musical Morning Tea! For more information, please contact us on: (07) 3372 1711 | info@ich.org.au.