Inala Community House: 2018 Annual General Meeting and Dinner

On Monday 8th October 2018, Inala Community House (ICH) held our 2018 Annual General Meeting and Dinner at The Blue Fin Fishing Club (24 Lilac Street, Inala QLD 4077).

From 6-6.30pm, we welcomed all members of the public to join the ICH Annual General Meeting. All attendees received a welcome pack including the agenda, minutes of the previous annual general meeting, audited financial statements and a unique ICH USB thumb drive containing the full 2017-2018 ICH Annual Report.

ICH President Janet Cullen who hosted the 2018 ICH Annual General Meeting.

Dear friends and supporters of ICH, the year 2017/18 was a year of continued growth for ICH. ICH services are now better integrated than at any time in the past, working to leverage all the services provided by ICH to the benefits of clients, as appropriate.

Again in 2017/18, ICH made a small surplus, as reported in the annual accounts. This is again a testimony to the hard work and diligence of the management team and the staff led by Managing Director, Ross Paul, to ensure that cost savings have been made and that expenditure has been effectively controlled whilst meeting client needs and meeting or exceeding performance targets set by Government funders.

Next year, 2018/19, will see a continued push for quality growth in services and a renewed focus on volunteers and membership to engage the next generation. I welcome and look forward to your ongoing participation and support as we focus on the next phase of growth.

On behalf of the Board, I thank our members, supporters, clients and staff for all that you do in strengthening the communities in which we work. We honour the commitment and contribution made by our members, volunteers and staff. Our community would be so much poorer without your support and participation,” said Janet in her President’s Address.

ICH Secretary Irene Clarke who presented the minutes of previous General Meeting and Annual General Meeting.

ICH Treasurer Ann Bailey who presented the audited 2017-2018 annual accounts.

ICH Managing Director Ross Paul who presented the Operational Report on behalf of the organisation.

2017/18 was again a good year for ICH. Through 2018/19 and beyond, managers and the Board will continue to monitor costs and seek new income opportunities. Regular manager forums, a review of policies and procedures, strengthened workplace health and safety and ongoing dialogue between services and the Board are matters which will assist as we seek to best serve our clients and meet funder expectations for service delivery. I am confident 2018/19 will also be a good year for ICH and its clients,” said Ross in his speech.

Thank you VIP Guest Charles Strunk, Councillor for the Forest Lake Ward who presented a speech and helped to run the election of officers.

Firstly, I’d like to acknowledge tonight’s presence of Les Bryant – a former Councillor, patron of The Blue Fin Fishing Club and a former Board member of ICH for many years. Congratulations to Josh Cullen for his new position as Chief Operating Officer and the current ICH Board President Janet Cullen, Vice President Jerome Nyandwi, Secretary Irene Clarke, Treasurer Ann Bailey and Managing Director Ross Paul.

Let us acknowledge the great work that ICH and its services have continued to serve our community for many years. Service examples like ‘My Place’ Family Day Care and Family Services programs to serve Queensland families, Community Settlement Service to help migrants gain independence and the newest ICH program The Oasis Centre to improve mental health. Last but not least, Musical Morning Tea that has continued to adapt and thrive for the past 40 amazing years,” said Charles in his speech.

It’s a surprise: Thank you Councillor Charles Strunk who awarded ICH Life Membership and a lovely gift to ICH long-serving Secretary Irene Clarke, on behalf of ICH Board. We greatly appreciate Irene’s dedication to serve on the Board for over 10 wonderful years.

After the Annual General Meeting, we invited ICH special guests, members, associates and managers for a sit-down dinner. It was a great opportunity for everyone to meet, connect and exchange ideas to improve our community.

ICH Board members with special guests Uncle Albert from Inala Elders (most left) and Councillor Charles Strunk (most right).

ICH Managers from all our services, with our special guests.

From left to right: Josh Cullen (Institutional Support), Meagan Quinn (Family Services), Kathy Angus and Barbara Stonehouse (‘My Place’ Family Day Care), Uncle Albert (Inala Elders), Haley Kiata (Community Engagement), Councillor Charles Strunk and Jatinder Kaur (The Oasis Centre).

ICH Managers and associates.

Congratulations to the official ICH Board for 2018/19 –

From left to right: Ross Paul (Managing Director), Janet Cullen (President), Irene Clarke (Secretary), Ann Bailey (Treasurer) and Jerome Nyandwi (Vice President).

You can contact Inala Community House 3372 1711 | info@ich.org.au | www.ich.org.au | www.Facebook.com/ICHAustralia | 38 Sittella Street, Inala QLD 4077.