How it all began. The CROSSROADS program

Here at Inala Community House, the needs of the community are at the centre of what we do. We want to ensure our programs and services evolve to match the growing needs of people in the community.

It is for that very reason that we developed the CROSSROADS program.

CROSSROADS is a trauma-informed, reflective parenting program for parents and carers of children who have been impacted by Domestic and Family Violence. The aim of CROSSROADS is to educate parents and carers about the harmful impact that Domestic and Family Violence has on children and young people and teach positive and nurturing parenting strategies that will help the parents and carers build positive relationships with their children, meet their needs, and help them heal. However, the ultimate goal of CROSSROADS is to help stop the intergenerational cycle of Domestic and Family Violence. This is an area of work that we are extremely passionate about, and Inala Community House is determined to make a difference in this space.  

Through our family, foster and community services, we saw a need in the community for support amongst families and carers of children who have been impacted by Domestic and Family Violence. So, when the Queensland Government announced the ‘Responding to COVID-19 in the Sexual, Domestic and Family Violence Sectors Grants Program’ in 2021, we saw an opportunity to address the community’s growing need.

We partnered with The Red Rose Foundation and applied for the grant with the goal to create a training program targeted towards educating the parents and carers out there who wanted to help prevent the intergenerational cycle of violence. And what came out of it was CROSSROADS.

Unfortunately, Domestic and Family Violence is an all too common issue that impacts far too many families. Out of the families that our very own Family Intervention Services have worked with, as many as 80% of them have struggled with Domestic and Family Violence.

CROSSROADS is how we at Inala Community House can help.

If you are interested in learning more about the CROSSROADS program, please visit our CROSSROADS page  or get in touch with the team through our enquiry form.