Healthy Ageing Program (Acacia Ridge): RACQ The Years Ahead Program

On Wednesday 10th April 2019, Inala Community House Healthy Ageing Program (Acacia Ridge) organised a RACQ The Years Ahead Program information session to benefit our local senior members.

From 11.30am, the event was held at our Acacia Ridge centre (29 Chardean Street, Acacia Ridge).

The Years Ahead Program

RACQ is committed to helping all Queenslanders become safer drivers. One way we do this is through free presentations to community groups; and Years Ahead is one of these popular programs.

Years Ahead is a 45-minute presentation in which older motorists learn how to become more aware of their own capabilities. It covers topics such as:

  • Recent changes to the Queensland road rules (including roundabouts and merging)
  • Medical considerations when driving

Alternative transport options (such as motorised wheelchairs)

This is our first time having RACQ coming out to our centre for a talk. Our Inala Community House team has listened to our senior members’ requests for such beneficial information sessions. Most of our seniors are active drivers. I am happy to see such a great turnout today to learn about the latest road rules and tips to stay safe on the road as we grow older,” our Community Engagement Coordinator Larissa Vaiomanu said.

As you get older, your driving skills may be affected by things like failing eyesight and other physical conditions. Learn how to stay safe on the road.

Thank you Louise from RACQ Community Education team for hosting the talk.

She helped to review crash statistics, explain changes to the road rules such as merging and roundabouts and u-turns, discuss driver behaviour, clarify medical reporting rules and suggest alternative transport options for our seniors.

Everyone was actively engaged throughout the talk as we asked questions and shared personal road safety experiences.

Everyone enjoyed a light lunch at the end of the event.

Together, we can learn to become a safer older driver.

To learn more about RACQ The Years Ahead Program, visit https://www.racq.com.au/cars-and-driving/safety-on-the-road/educational-programs/older-driver-programs.

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