Healthy Ageing Program (Acacia Ridge): Making Macrame with Bunnings

On Monday 5th August 2019, Inala Community House Healthy Ageing Program (Acacia Ridge) organised a Making Macrame craft session to benefit our community members.

Macrame is the art of knotting string in patterns to make decorative articles. Macrame is popular in the form of jewellery such as necklaces, anklets and bracelets, as well as wall hangings and other furnishings.

Starting from 11.30am, the free community craft session was held at our Acacia Ridge centre (29 Chardean Street, Acacia Ridge). Drinks and a light lunch were provided for all.

We would like to thank Bunnings Oxley for supplying all the materials and even a friendly staff trainer to teach the session.

It was a quiet and peaceful afternoon as everyone was focused on their own macramé artwork.

We were delighted to see a few fresh faces besides our usual centre participants.

We have first-timers today as expected, but there are also some who already knew how to make a macramé knot so the process would be easier and faster for them. Macrame makes great decorative props.” Thank you to Bunnings staff Junea Lowe for patiently teaching and correcting each member as needed throughout the session.

 “We had a craft session to make birdbaths with Bunnings back in June, and today it’s how to make macramé. These free community craft events by Bunnings are great and we look forward to organising more in future,” our Community Engagement staff Larissa Vaiomanu said.

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