Community Engagement: Mother’s Day FREE Musically Groovy Afternoon Tea

A very Happy Mother’s Day especially to all mothers and grandmothers of our local community!

Mothers play a vital role not just in raising healthy individuals and families, but our community as a whole. At Inala Community House, we offer various programs supporting mothers of different circumstances, such as new mothers, mothers with financial or family challenges and more. If you or know someone needs assistance, reach out to us 3372 1711 | info@ich.org.au.


On Monday 14th May 2018, Inala Community House Community Engagement team celebrated Mother’s Day with a free “Musically Groovy Afternoon Tea”. From 12pm-1.30pm, the event was open to the public, held at our Acacia Ridge centre (29 Chardean Street, Acacia Ridge).

Thank you to our staff Larissa Vaiomanu and Kara Bond for thoughtfully preparing a scrumptious spread for the event. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the food.

The biggest highlight of our “Musically Groovy Afternoon Tea” – The Troope. They are a popular volunteering band of retirees with admirable passion to entertain and serve our community. Lots of fun tunes and even more fun times guaranteed with these guys. Thank you!

The biggest thank you to The Troope – they are simply our favourite community-volunteering band. We have many senior members specifically staying for this event from other activities,” said Program Coordinator Larissa Vaiomanu.

The event proved to be a fun-filled melodic success. Everyone in attendance got to enjoy the scrumptious spread, meet new friends from the community, and most importantly, get “Musically Groovy” together! The room was buzzing as everyone freely sang and danced along, whilst The Troope graciously accommodated the crowd’s various song requests.

’Musically Groovy Afternoon Tea’ is Inala Community House Community Engagement team’s newest program initiative. It will be held every second Tuesday of the month, 10am-11.30am at 29 Chardean Street, Acacia Ridge. We welcome all ages and backgrounds to come join us and have fun! Music is one of life’s simplest and greatest enjoyments,” said Manager Haley Kiata.

We look forward to more ‘Musically Groovy Afternoon Tea’s! Join us and bring your children, family, friends and everyone else along. For more information, contact our friendly staff: 3372 1711 | info@ich.org.au | www.ich.org.au | www.Facebook.com/ICHAustralia.