Community Engagement: ‘Kick Start Change Inala’ Soccer Project

Biggest thank you to all our wonderful partners to help empower our Inala youth through an upcoming community soccer project.

On Friday 2nd February 2018, Inala Community House was thrilled to host an interagency meeting at our Skylarkers Centre (20 Skylark Street, Inala QLD) – for the upcoming ‘Kick Start Change Inala’ Multicultural Youth Soccer Project.

‘Kick Start Change Inala’ is a pilot project which aims to provide inclusive and sustainable soccer opportunities for children, young people, and families in Inala.

This project is a collaboration between various key organisations committed to addressing long-term and deeply-ingrained challenges to access and inclusion for people from lower socioeconomic and culturally-diverse communities to sport and recreation – and in this instance, specifically soccer.

The ‘Kick Start Change Inala’ Working Group oversees and supports the delivery of the project. Members represent the following partner organisations –

  • Inala Community House
  • Welcome to the Game (Welcome to Australia Ltd.)
  • BCC (Brisbane City Council)
  • MDA (Multicultural Development Association)
  • QPASTT (Queensland Program of Assistance for Survivors of Torture and Trauma)
  • PCYC

The project is co-funded by a BCC Healthy and Physical Activity and a Game On Queensland Grant and is supported by the considerable in-kind contributions of partner organisations.

We aim to:

  • Increase engagement of children in after-school and school holiday soccer activities
  • Increase engagement of parents and young people in referee and coaching training
  • Deliver a well-rounded community soccer tournament
  • Facilitate cultural communities’ access to soccer fields, facilities, and participation in formal sporting clubs

We have had many people from Inala coming to us to highlight the lack of access, facilities and opportunities to play soccer, especially within the cultural communities – which is the main reason behind this ‘Kick Start Change Inala’ project. We hope to work directly with local schools and introduce after-school and possibly holiday recreational soccer programs to benefit our youngsters.

We would like to acknowledge the amazing collaboration between all our participating services to bring this project to life. We have a great mix of organisations each offering a different edge for this project. Please note that this is an ongoing developmental project suited to our community’s specific needs and growth.

Our biggest goal is sustainability. We hope that this soccer project is sustainable not only within the project itself, but to encourage the growth of other community welfare sports programs, facilities, and opportunities for those in need,” said Donna from BCC.

This ‘Kick Start Change Inala’ soccer project has a special focus on empowering our Inala youth, especially those within the lower socioeconomic and cultural communities. We want to get our children and young people excited, who will, in turn, bring on the support of their parents, family, friends, communities and so on. A ripple effect! We want our Inala vulnerable youth to be able to play soccer for free and thrive in all other aspects of their lives as well,” said our Community Engagement Manager Haley Kiata.

Inala Community House is thrilled to be part of the ‘Kick Start Change Inala’ project as we endeavor to bring it to fruition.

We welcome sponsors, sports and particularly soccer clubs, local businesses and volunteers who would like to be part of this great new community initiative. For more information, please contact us 3372 1711 | info@ich.org.au | www.ich.org.au.