Community Engagement: Homework Club Christmas Party

On Tuesday 13th November 2018, Inala Community House (ICH) Community Engagement team celebrated Homework Club Christmas Party with our students, their families, volunteer tutors and staff.

Starting at 3.15pm, the celebration was held at the ICH SkyLarkers centre (20 Skylark Street, Inala QLD 4077).

The children were very excited to start the Christmas activities. They really enjoyed making Christmas ornaments and decorating the tree. At the same time with all the fun and activities, some children were still aware of their homework and took the opportunity to receive help from our volunteers to complete their homework and ready for school.

Children enthusiastically lined up to play Pin the Nose on Rudolph game.

Thank you to our volunteers from St. John’s Anglican College who are always patient and supportive while guiding the younger children.

Everyone was also invited for an afternoon feast of various pizzas, fresh fruits and desserts. The food was quickly snapped up as soon as they hit the serving tables – as predicted with a roomful of excited active children!

Firstly I want to thank everyone for coming today. Thank you to all our students for attending our Homework Club every Tuesday for homework assistance – we are proud of you for taking school seriously and want to help you to learn better.

A massive thank you to all our amazing volunteer tutors, including older students from St. John’s Anglican College. We couldn’t have done this without you all – you are always reliable and supportive while making a positive difference in our community.

Finally, thank you to our coordinator Anushka for organising everything,” said our Community Engagement Manager Haley Kiata in her speech.

Heart of Joan: Thank you to Joan Langley – one of our longest active volunteers at Inala Community House. Through the years you continue to inspire us with your kind, generous and giving spirit towards our community.

All volunteers were awarded a certificate and a gift as appreciation of their hard work and dedication throughout the year.

We would like to thank our St. John’s Anglican College volunteers who have been with us for the past seven years.

We sang Christmas carols then it was presents time!

Thank you again to the 2018 Service Team of St. John’s Anglican College for organising a fundraiser to purchase educational supplies as gifts to our Homework Club children! Everyone got to receive mathematical instruments, pencil cases, books and more.

Homework Club is now closed for the year and will resume on Tuesday 5 February 2019 3.30-4.30pm at 20 Skylark Street, Inala QLD 4077. We welcome all students and volunteer tutors 3372 1711 | | |