Community Engagement: Heritage Bank Community Grant

On Tuesday 14th May 2019, Inala Community House Community Engagement team hosted an appreciation ceremony to thank Heritage Bank Forest Lake for their community grant program.

The ceremony was held on 3.30pm at our SkyLarkers centre (20 Skylark Street, Inala).

A big thank you to Heritage Bank Forest Lake for awarding us their community grant. With the grant, we are able to purchase two new laptops and two new iPads for our community centre that will go on to benefit everyone in the community.

For example, local seniors from our Healthy Ageing programs can learn to become more tech-savvy to help with their day-to-day activities including online banking. Our Homework Club students can use the same devices to achieve academic excellence,” our Community Engagement Manager Haley Kiata said.

Our senior members were excited to have a go at using the new devices.

Inala Community House runs a free Homework Club every Tuesday 3.30-4.30pm at our SkyLarkers centre (20 Skylark St, Inala). We welcome all students and volunteers to come join us!

All students were superbly excited to use the new laptops and iPads for homework help. We are currently planning a fair roster system for everyone to get an allocated time with each device.

Thank you Caleb Prescott from Heritage Bank Forest Lake for paying our community centre a visit.

Heritage Bank Community Grant program’s one and only aim is to make a difference in our community. We are thrilled to see these positive outcomes,” Mr. Prescott said.

Once again, thank you Heritage Bank for your great support to our community!

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