Community Engagement: 2019’s First Musical Morning Tea

On Monday 4th February 2019, Inala Community House Community Engagement team welcomed everyone from our community to join our first Musical Morning Tea in 2019.

From 10am-12pm, the community event was held at ‘Our Place’ Hall (corner of Japonica and Robinia Streets, Inala).

For 2019’s first Musical Morning Tea, our team had prepared a special selection of hot food and extra desserts to enjoy with the usual cuppa. We welcome everyone to bring your own mug and fill it up with your choice of tea or coffee all morning!

It was great to see everyone excited to catch up with one another after the holiday break.

Musical Morning Tea is also a great platform for carers and clients of all abilities to come enjoy the music and socialise with the wider community.

First of all, a big welcome to both new and existing participants of Musical Morning Tea. Please remember that here we are a big community of friends.

I am sorry to share the sad news that one of our long-time Musical Morning Tea entertainers Barry Buchanon had passed away last Christmas Eve. We would all miss him very dearly. Barry’s brother Peter has requested to come and perform for us one day. Our thoughts are with his family.

Today, we have the lovely Ray Thompson singing for us. Thank you Ray – we always appreciate you coming all the way from Forest Lake to Inala to perform. We always enjoy our cheery beautiful mornings together,” said our Musical Morning Tea Coordinator Shirley Schneider in her welcome speech.

Thank you to our entertainer Ray Thompson.

Our Community Engagement Coordinator Larissa Vaiomanu and Manager Haley Kiata.

For 2019, Inala Community House aims to continue growing our wonderful all-inclusive community event Musical Morning Tea. We always welcome more new and diverse members to join us. Come meet new friends, enjoy the great music and keep an eye out for our special pop-up events for the year,” said our Community Engagement Manager Haley Kiata.

We welcome everyone to join our Musical Morning Tea every Monday 10am-12pm at ‘Our Place’ Hall (corner Japonica and Robinia Streets, Inala QLD 4077). Contact us: 3372 1711 | info@ich.org.au | www.Facebook.com/ICHAustralia | www.ich.org.au.