Community Engagement: 2019 Musical Morning Tea Christmas Party

On Monday 2nd December 2019, Inala Community House Community Engagement team celebrated 2019 Musical Morning Tea Christmas Party with all members of our community.

From 10am to 12pm, the celebration was held at ‘Our Place’ Hall (corner of Japonica and Robinia Sts., Inala QLD).

We decorated the entire venue with joyous Christmas trimmings, and it was great to see everyone joining us dressed in their best festive clothes.

We started off with morning tea served with biscuits and cake slices.

Everyone was free to enjoy the live band entertainment by singing and dancing along.

Our Musical Morning Tea volunteers and staff.

2019 has been a fun, full year with all kinds of wonderful people joining our Musical Morning Tea every Monday. We have such a great diversity of people attending, sharing smiles and kindness in our community. Thank you everyone for joining our end-of-year Christmas celebration today. Special thanks to our volunteers Shirley, Des, Aileen, Kay, Bert, Craig and more for ensuring our weekly activity runs as smoothly as possible. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season,” our Community Engagement Manager Haley Kiata said.

A full Christmas-themed roast lunch was served, with various slow-cooked meats, ham and desserts for everyone.

Thank you to our team for always putting in their best effort in serving our community – often literally, with delicious food and smiles!

We can’t wait for more Musical Morning Tea fun in 2020!

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