Community Engagement: 2017 ICH Homework Club End of Year Party

On Tuesday 7th November 2017, Inala Community House (ICH) Community Engagement team celebrated ‘2017 ICH Homework Club End of Year Party’ with Milton Dick MP, our wonderful volunteer student tutors from St John’s Anglican College and students.

ICH Homework Club welcomes anyone – students and volunteer tutors – to join us every Tuesday 3.15-4.45pm during school terms at 20 Skylark Street, Inala Queensland. This is a FREE volunteer-based service providing homework or academic assistance to students in need, especially those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

The event started with a welcome speech by our Community Engagement Manager Haley Kiata:

ICH Homework Club has been one of our most successful volunteer-based programs across many years. We even have students who previously attended ICH Homework Club and are now back again as volunteer tutors – we couldn’t be prouder! Biggest thank you to our dedicated team of volunteer student tutors, especially senior students from St John’s Anglican College. Thank you all for your valuable time and effort to provide homework assistance towards younger children in need of your help. Also a big thank you to our program Coordinator Anushka Abeyewardene for always making sure that everything is running smoothly.” Anushka was later gifted a bouquet of flowers and a certificate of appreciation.

Milton Dick MP, St John’s Anglican College teacher Andrew McCrohon, ICH Homework Club Coordinator Anushka Abeyewardene and ICH Community Engagement Manager Haley Kiata.

ICH presented a plaque to honour St John’s Anglican College’s contribution.

Thank you Milton Dick MP who presented certificates of appreciation to all our volunteer student tutors from St. John’s Anglican College.

With our special 13-year-old guest Mabel Araya from Yeronga State High.

My mother used to be ICH’s Community Settlement Service client for settlement support. She then referred me to join ICH Homework Club as a student to improve my grades. Now I am back again as a volunteer tutor to help younger children in need. My favourite subjects are Math and English. I come here every Tuesday with my two younger siblings too who attend ICH Homework Club. I feel good to be able to help,” said Mabel. We love how she has come full circle!

I am so happy to be here today to learn about all the good things coming out of ICH Homework Club. Thank you to our volunteer tutors  – by teaching you are learning even more at the same time. Also thank you to parents for your support in encouraging your children attend ICH Homework Club. This is a great platform of dynamic learning and more importantly, sharing and helping one another. This is a program that I genuinely hope to continue supporting and secure funding for,” said Milton Dick MP.

Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes: thank you Joan Langley our oldest volunteer at ICH Homework Club. Joan is a retired teacher and also an active member of ICH Healthy Ageing Program (Skylarkers) – she enjoys attending our exercise and craft sessions.

Faces of joy as ICH Homework Club students opened up their Christmas presents generously donated by St John’s Anglican College through a fundraising event.

ICH Homework Club is no longer just about homework but pushing educational boundaries to do other activities such as science experiments, encouraging reading and lots more. We look forward to a bigger and better ICH Homework Club in 2018!

To become a student ICH Homework Club, please contact info@ich.org.au or call (07) 3372 1711 today!