2015 ICH Business Centre Rededication and AGM

Almost 50 years later.. Biggest thanks to Reverend Brian Whitlock and June Whitlock for witnessing the iconic growth of ICH building in 1966 (top) and 2015 (bottom).
On Friday (23rd October 2015), Inala Community House (ICH) celebrated two of its most important events of this year: the ICH Business Centre Rededication and Annual General Meeting (AGM).
Firstly, we were proud to introduce Robert Duncan from Ngutana-Lui for a welcome to country speech and lively didgeridoo performance.
ICH President Janet Cullen and the Hon. Annastacia Palaszczuk unveiling the plaque.
Next, we were honoured to invite the Hon. Annastacia Palaszczuk our Patron and Member for Inala, who spoke about the positive contributions of ICH to our Inala community over the years:
“It is absolutely wonderful to be here today, and it always feels like home to be back here. As a community-based organisation, Inala Community House has always put its people first. Now with this brand new centre, ICH will continue to welcome people as it always has in the past 49 years.”
Ms. Palaszczuk especially congratulated ICH’s effort in addressing the needs of socially-disadvantaged groups, such as ICH’s Community Settlement Service (CSS) that assists migrant settlement, and ICH’s 50 & Better: Acacia Ridge and Skylarker programs to benefit our elderly members.
ICH would like to formally thank her for attending our Rededication in the midst of her busy schedule. We’re all deeply inspired by her efforts in reinvigorating our community while staying true to our roots in Inala.

Bernie Ripoll, Federal Member for Oxley during his speech.

DSC00062Our specially invited guests.

After the Rededication, ICH had its yearly AGM mainly to elect our new board of directors.
Thank you Reverend Brian Whitlock for gracing us with a beautiful and heartfelt speech.
ICH President Janet Cullen presented a special “Life Member Certificate” to Reverend Brian Whitlock, in recognition of his precious role in establishing our organisation almost 50 years ago. We are extremely thankful for his outstanding vision and faith he has placed in ICH.
ICH President Janet Cullen also presented flowers to June Whitlock as a token of appreciation.
Andy Harman (Manager, Family Services), Sandi Herbert (Manager, ‘My Place’ Family Day Care), June Whitlock, Reverend Brian Whitlock, Haydee Cummins (Manager, Inclusion Support), Haley Kiata (Manager, Community Engagement) and Josh Cullen (Manager, Finance and Administration).
ICH Board of Directors: Janet Cullen, Irene Clarke, Carmel Macintosh, Ann Bailey and Managing Director Ross Paul
Above all, we would like to thank every ICH supporting body, staff, volunteer, friend and supporter. We are proud to be able to serve our vibrant community in Inala and beyond.
If you would like to visit or use the new ICH Business Centre (address: 38 Sittella Street, Inala 4077), we now welcome bookings (http://www.ich.org.au/for-hire/ich-hall/) via e-mail info@ich.org.au or call 3372 1711.