Forms, Policies & Procedures

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2.1 Interactions with Children Procedure

2.2 Guiding Children’s Behaviour Procedure

2.3 Exclusion for Behavioral Reason Procedure

2.4 Visitors to Educators Residence and Service Office Procedure

2.5 Supervision of Children Procedure

2.6 Identifying and Responding to Abuse Procedure

2.7 Reporting Child Abuse Procedure

2.8 Type of Care Arrangement Procedure

2.9 Limits on Number of Children

2.10 Delivery and Collection Procedure

2.11 Acceptance and Refusals Procedure

2.12 Unauthorised Parental Access Procedure

3.1 Education Program and Practice Procedure

3.2 Reflective Practice Procedure

3.3 Excursions Procedure

3.4 Transporting Children Procedure

3.5 Diversity and Inclusion Procedure

4.1 Maintaining a Hygienic and Clean Environment Procedure

4.2 Managing Infectious Disease and Exclusion Procedure

4.3 Management of Bodily Fluids Procedure

4.4 Handwashing and Personal Hygiene Procedure

4.5 Nappy Changing and Toileting Procedure

4.6 Dental Care Procedure

4.7 Bathing Procedure

4.8 Immunisation Procedure

4.9 Incident Injury, Illness and Trauma Procedure

4.10 Serious Incident and Emergency Procedure

4.11 Death of Child Procedure

4.12 Notifications Procedure

4.13 Medical Conditions Procedure

4.14 Anaphylaxis Procedure

4.15 Asthma Procedure

4.16 Administration of Medication Procedure

4.17 Administration of First Aid

4.18 Sun Safe Practices Procedure

4.19 Safe Sleep Procedure

4.20 Rest and Relaxation Procedure

5.1 Food Handling and Safe Food Storage Procedure

5.2 Nutrient and Beverage Procedure

6.1 Assessment of Educators Residence Procedure

6.2 Glass Safety Procedure

6.3 Smoke Alerts Procedure

6.4 Keeping Animals Procedure

6.5 Fencing Procedure

6.6 Providing a Child Safe Environment Procedure

6.7 Storage and Handing of Dangerous Hazardous Substance and Plants Procedure

6.8 Nursery Equipment Procedure

6.9 Toys and Learning Resources Procedure

6.10 Play Equipment Procedure

6.11 Risk Assessment and Management Procedure

6.12 Water Safety Procedure

6.13 Tobacco Alcohol and Drug Free Environment Procedure

7.1 Natural Disaster Management Procedure

7.2 Loss of Power and Water Procedure

7.3 Emergency Equipment and Facilities Procedure

7.4 Emergency Drill Lockdowns and Evacuations Procedure

8.1 Assessment and Selection of Educators Procedure

8.2 Assessment Selection of Educator Assistant Procedure

8.3 Assessment of Fitness and Suitability of Adults Residing at the Educators Residence Procedure

8.4 Appointing Staff and Determining Responsible Person Procedure

8.5 Volunteer Participation and Student Placement Procedure

8.6 Role of the Service Procedure

8.7 Role of the Educators and Educator Assistants

8.9 Role of the Educators Family Member and Adults Residing at the Residence

8.10 Educator and Educator Assistant Professional Development and Training Procedure

8.11 Induction Staff, Educators and Educators Assistant Procedure

8.12 Support of Educators and Educator Assistant Procedure

8.13 Managing Non-Compliance or Breaches of Policy Procedure or Legislation Procedure

9.1 Access to Child Care Places

9.2 Enrolment and Orientation

9.3 Communication with Parents Procedure

9.4 Communication with Community Procedure

9.5 Media and Use of Social Media Procedure

10.1 Policy Development and Implementation Procedure

10.2 Quality Improvement Procedure

10.3 Grievance Management Procedure

10.4 Complaints Management Procedure

10.5 Confidentiality and Privacy Procedure

10.6 Record Management and Storage Procedure

10.7 Register Management Procedure

10.8 Fee Procedures